Hand Painted Ceramics

I think of my ceramic pieces as functional paintings. The imagery and motifs come from a sense of place and of beauty, using mostly found imagery and re-interpreting it as ceramic decorative subjects. I think of each piece as a contemporary heirloom.

Hand Painted Book Covers

I paint one-of-a-kind book jackets on specific artists, photographers, and some literature. The selected books are a reference to art history and the art of libraries. I choose an image to paint for a cover illustration based on qualities such as poignancy and visual graphics. If the book is not illustrated, I find an image that is complementary to its contents. I may also choose to paint my version of the original illustration. The cover text is included in the painting (title, author and publisher) on a hand-cut paper jacket, using a heavy weight glossy paper and acrylic paints. This process gives the book a new essence, and restores it to better shape (I try to find used books). It also makes it a functional sculpture/painting.

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